Music in Movement


   The workshop is based on Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Kodaly context, folk dances and music of various cultures, rhythm games and body percussion. During the workshop, everyone has two tools only: voice and body. The participants react to the music being played (either by me on a viola, or from a recording) and come up with unique expressions through movement.  They automatically react to the changes in music, and they are encouraged to identify those changes consciously. Various activities allow the participants to physically express complex musical materials consisting of dynamics, tempo, articulation, structure, pitch, duration, phrase, etc. through movement.


   The element of improvisation and free composition is present in many activities. This approach leads to learning more structured dances that serve the purpose of unifying the movements and the participants’ focus into one direction. The workshop has flowing energy as the natural connection between music and movement provides a feeling of satisfaction to everyone. (Demonstration and presentation of more complicated folk dances and their cultural/traditional background is optional).



The workshop is adaptable to participants of any age, any level of musicianship. The size of the group and the frequency of the workshops are subject of agreement between the organiser and the leader.

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