Music on the Subject



   Music on the Subject is a workshop that needs to have a theme, which is going to be the very core of the whole project. The theme can basically be anything that one can imagine - for example, if a primary school class is learning about the probability, that can be a great subject. Once the theme is determined, the activities, games, improvisation, songs, rhythms, lyrics, movements - basically every element of the workshop - are going to spring out of it. Endless amount of exploration, discoveries and ideas can make the project colorful and engaging.


   It is nothing else than learning through the experience itself. The participants may not even notice how much information they can take in only through a simple song or rhythmic excercise. The brain creates a lot of connections that will remain in our memory, especially when everything connects to the core theme of the project. In the same time, the participants are developing musically too. Music and games can turn the 'driest' subject into an exciting, living activity!


The workshop is adaptable to participants of any age, any level of musicianship. The size of the group and the frequency of the workshops are subject of agreement between the organiser and the leader.

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