Spinning Circle



   The Spinning Circle is a movement centered workshop, in which the main material consists of folk dances - originating especially from the regions of the Carpathian Basin, more precisely from Hungary and Romania. The dances are in the shape of the circle (mostly), what is said to be the most ancient dance form of the human existance. The circle itself has a powerful phylosophical meaning of unity - this meaning is perfectly infused into any dance that is danced in this form.


   Apart from this unique experience, the steps and movements can provide a bit deeper insight into a nation's character than any history book! The dances have been collected from the living elderly people of various regions, and from original films of Martin Gyorgy who collaborated with Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly in collecting the folk music and dance materials in the mid and late 20th century. Matyas, being an ex-professional folk dancer, can also demonstrate more sophisticated dances during the workshop (optional). The steps keep the brain working and the constant movement builds the stamina. Above all, it is great fun and brings joy into everyones life!



The workshop is adaptable to participants of any age, any level of dance ability. The size of the group and the frequency of the workshops are subject of agreement between the organiser and the leader.

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