As a teacher...


   Matyas teaches violin and viola to pupils of all sorts of age category and level of musicianship. He is eager to find the best learning path, tailored to each pupil's needs and goals - whether it is to learn to play an instrument on a high level and get familiar with various aspects of musicianship, or simply to play for fun and for your own enjoyment! 


   Matyas's primary aim is to lead and support the pupil on its way, where she/he can express herself/himself freely through music, and is able to experience the joy of this undescribable moment. 


   As a violin and viola teacher, Matyas has experience also in group teaching, as well as in individual (one to one) teaching. He was a tutor of The Music house for Children. He is continuing his teaching path on a private basis.  


 Which areas of musicianships are covered during the lessons?

  • Instrumental playing (technique, posture, maintanance)

  • Music theory 

  • Harmony and Aural

  • Historical background of the music being learned

  • Musical expression (rhethorics)



Inspiration and Tools


   Matyas has been inspired by the Simultaneous Learning (a teaching method by Paul Harris), which is based on a very basic rule of how our brain works - everything connects to everything. This allows to develop and understand many aspects of musicianship in a single excercise or a piece. All the ingredients connect and build on each other, that is why it is so effective.


   One of the most important things when playing an instrument is to maintain a healthy, natural posture. This is not as straight-forward as it might seem, that is why Matyas often uses various methods of Alexander Technique in his lessons. According to him, it is essential to care about our body and deveop physical awareness.


   Dalcroze's Eurhythmics is a great method that gives life to any musical 'term' that is used in a musical world. Matyas often encourages pupils to experience the dynamics, rhythm, speed, timing, etc. in movement (without the instrument). In this way the term through physical experience is easy to understand, recall, and use when requred in music.


   Kodaly Concept is a well known method that helps developing the aural sense and therefore provides a huge support in learning harmony, aural excercises, playing or singing at a first sight.



For further details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Matyas!

He teaches in schools and privately too. He is open for taking up new students at the moment.

The lesson rates vary depending on location, lenght of the lesson, number of pupils attending the lesson.


In case of siblings, disounts are available!


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