The Teambuilder



   The human contacts and interaction has become quite shallow in the current age of running and 'busy-ness'. This workshop provides a great opportunity to make a little change at least for the duration of the session/s. Music, movement, dances, ice-breaker games, drama trust games, ensemble activities and excercises are perfect tools to find a more subtle connection with the people around us, our surrounding environment and not the least, with our self


   It is a great workshop for companies, musical ensembles/orchestras, organisation members, minor communities, sport teams, school classes, etc. It is interesting to experience, how collaboration can lead to a much deeper collective and individual satisfaction and success. When this experience is present, the participants can easily find their place within a group, they trust in each other and in themselves, the dare to open up. This is an essential part of a human experience, and the participants can take this feeling with themselves out to the world when the project is over.


The workshop is adaptable to participants of any age, any level of musicianship. The size of the group and the frequency of the workshops are subject of agreement between the organiser and the leader.

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