As a workshop leader...


   Matyas's biggest passion is working with people. He enjoys the collaboration with others because he is certain about the mutual learning experience, that appears when people open up and connect with each other. Music and movement are great tools of a freer and deeper communication that helps this process. Learning, understanding, growing in many levels of our being is instantly activated by this phenomena. What can be more exciting than exploring this together?


   As a member of the Open Academy, Matyas is gaining experience in creative music teaching and workshop leading. He is working with professional musicians, amateurs, people with dementia – with generations from toddlers to the elderly age. He collaborated with inspiring workshop leaders such as Michael Poyser, Julian West, Merit Stephanos, Caroline Welsh, John Webb, Rosie Adediran. Recently, he is realizing his own project, based on connection between movement and music inspired by Eurhythmics.


   Working with mentally ill people inspired him to start taking his path into the direction of music therapy.



Inspiration and Tools


   As a professional musician, Matyas's main tool and source of inspiration is music. All aspects of it, and any genre of it. Whether it is used as a notated composition, or a free flowing improvisation, it is always the core of the workshops - musical expression that goes beyond words. 


   Folk dances and folk music are a very useful source for exploring the natural expression of various cultures. By experiencing those moves and tunes one can not only understand a mentality of a certain nation, but discover many hidden treasures of one's self. Being an ex-professional folk dancer, Matyas often uses the folk material of the Carpathian Basin.


   Matyas often uses the body as an instrument, and it is often the case during the workshops. One can call it body percussion, but the main concept is to discover more and more possibilties how to express rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics, sound effects with our bodies. It helps to engage the creative part of our brain and requres good coordination.


   Games! The most important part of the tool-kit. Matyas uses games of many kind to bring the awareness into the centre, to set the energy flows in motion, and to generate laughter in the room. It does not matter if the participants are kids, teenagers, adults or elderly people - the right kind of game can release all the unnecessary tensions that block an individual from enjoying life.


Recent Projects:



2015                  Haydn Project, Junior Academy students, Julian West, (Open Academy)


2015                  Magical Minimalism, Junior Academy students, John Webb (Open Academy)


2015                  Resonate, Workshop cycle for people with dementia, Wigmore Hall, Julian West (OA)


2014                  Sunrise Sounds, Toddler’s workshops, Rosie Adediran


2014                  Orchestral Mentoring, Tri-Borough Music Hub, Latymer Upper School, London


2014                  Mutual Recovery (Music Making for Mental Health), RCM’s Centre for Performance Science/ Sparks


2014                  Turtle Song (Mental Health), English Touring Opera, RCM Sparks, London


2014                  Creative Concentration, State Music School of Karol Szymanowski, Plock (Poland)


2014-2013        Brentfield Primary School Music Enrichment, RCM Sparks, London


2013                  Music Workshops (for elderly people), Claremont Centre, London


2013                  Nursary Workshops (for early age kids), The Music House for Children, London


2013                  Music Educational Workshops, FIFTHS, St Paul’s Primary School, London